Event Experts was established in 1992 and we’ve been behind-the-scenes at hundreds of meetings and special events in that time. Our clients trust us to manage the details of their corporate events and social celebrations and we are tireless in our efforts to exceed their expectations. Event Experts is based in Winston-Salem, North Carolina although we service clients nationwide.

Why invest in an event design and coordinating professional? Here’s what others said:
I wouldn’t know where to start with planning an event this big. * I don’t have time to do it myself. * I have a lot of ideas but they’re all over the place. * I need a location for my event. * I’m on a budget but I need this done right. * We’re trying to plan our daughter’s wedding from out-of-town. * I don’t need the stress. * We saw your work and really liked it. * I’d rather leave the details to someone else. * I want a one-stop shop.

Here’s how Event Experts helps:
We listen to your wishes and recommend solutions.
We help you create and stick to your budget.
We help ensure that your event flows seamlessly and on schedule.
We stress over the details so that you don’t have to.
We remain cool under pressure and keep you calm too.
We do quality work that results in many happy and lasting memories!

For 26¬†years, we’ve been THE Event Experts! Hire us and discover why.
Call us at 336-725-1333 or, for faster response, direct an email to admin@eventexpertsinc.com. For event inquiries, please click the “Contact Us” tab above.

Let’s make your next event our best event!

A rose by any other name: We are event planners, party planners, wedding planners, event coordinators, event producers, event design consultants, corporate event planners, event decorators & event logistic managers. We also offer event marketing & public relations, including social media updates and direct-to-consumer news releases and targeted media outreach.