A La Carte Services

EVENT DAY Coordinating

Would you prefer to do-it-yourself, then call us to execute your plan? Our Event Day Coordinating service is perfect. It includes an initial consultation and unlimited email communication. Two weeks prior to your event, we will meet to discuss the details and your event vision, create a timeline, review vendor contracts and confirm all contact information. We will also discuss any areas of concern and establish a plan B if weather is a concern.

On the day of your event, we will arrive in sufficient time to check in with site coordinators and have a walk-through. We will greet vendors, sign for deliveries and provide assistance with setup and decorating [please note that additional staff may be required depending on the scope of service]. During the event, we will greet and attend to guests needs, give prompts as needed to keep the festivities on time, troubleshoot and act as your behind-the-scenes manager. At the end of your event, we will pay and tip vendors (upon request, on your behalf). We will oversee clean-up to ensure that the event site is left in good condition so that your deposit is not in jeopardy. Any leftover food and/or florals will be transported and donated to local institutions where they can benefit others.

In addition to the above, for weddings, we will also pin boutonnieres and corsages and direct ceremonial processionals, per your written instructions [which we must have 1 week prior to the event]. Following the wedding, we will gather and deliver per your instructions any personal items remaining including guest book, decorations, signage, tuxedo-rental returns, etc.

Our Event Day Coordinating rate starts at $1,300, depending on the size of the wedding and scope of service. This service is typically provided by one wedding planner and an event assistant. At times, an event intern(s) may also assist at no additional cost to you.


Our vendor referral service includes an initial client consultation to discuss your needs followed by our preparation of a list of recommended professionals to service your needs. Upon request, we are also happy to accompany you on the initial visit with your selected vendor and assist in contract review and/or negotiation. Following your event, we will always place a service call to you and the vendor to ensure that the referral was a win-win. This is part of our commitment to ensuring that all vendors remain best-of-class. Vendor referrals are $100 and up, depending on the scope of service requested.
Catering Referrals/Coordinating – If you need a trusted referral, we’re happy to help. We are pleased to recommend quality food services to meet your event needs. We work with the best caterers, chefs and restaurants to ensure quality from their kitchen to your fork. If you need help coordinating home deliveries, boxed-plated-buffet meals, multi-course dinner parties or homemade cakes and desserts, we can take the hassle of researching, interviewing and deciding.

Entertainment – Let us help you get the party started with fabulous entertainment. Musicians, DJs, video dance parties, magicians, fortune tellers, costumed characters, circus performers, photo booths, novelties, game shows, scavenger hunts, trivia games, Dance Heads, Flip This and more….


Professional EVENT STAFF

Enhance your event experience by hiring our professional party helpers. Please note that an additional fee may apply for last minute requests, holidays (including New Years Eve and Christmas Eve), and travel. Gratuity is always optional, but appreciated.
Servers ~ $25/hr. (3 hr. minimum)
Bartenders ~ $25/hr. (2 hr. minimum)
Setup/Clean-Up Crew ~ $20/hr. (2 hr. minimum)
Dance Escorts &/or Line Dance Leads ~ $25/hr.
Social Greeters &/or Registration Aides ~ Call for quote.
Childcare (sitters only or sitters plus games, crafts, activities) ~ Call for quote.
Game Hosts or Coaches ~ Call for quote.
Elite Team ~ our most experienced event staff ~ $35/hr. (2 hr. minimum)
Event Director ~ $65/hr. (2 hr. minimum)
When it’s time to party, we’ve got your army ~ corporate & social events plus private parties.


We own a variety of event props and equipment for use at the events we coordinate. In addition, we have an extensive network of suppliers who design, manufacture and rent everything from the most basic party supplies to custom props and decor. We are a one-stop-shop for tables, chairs, table linens, china, glassware, tabletop accessories, dance floor, lighting and audio-visual, theme props, etc.

Event DESIGN Proposals

Our event design service is popular among small businesses and non-profits who need need of a professionally designed event but, due to budget, may have to rely on office staff or volunteers for execution of the design. In this case, we offer an initial consultation to determine the event objectives. We take this information and assemble it into a event design proposal, including cost estimates, menus, a timeline, recommended vendors and our tips for successful execution of your event. ¬†Event design proposals cost $250 and up, depending on the scope of the event and the number of options requested. (Full disclosure: Charging for a proposal compensates your planner for time invested in creating, researching & pricing the design. It’s no secret than an ongoing concern for many planners are the potential clients who request a design proposal only to steal the information and produce the event themselves or hire another firm.)